Tarryn Vice - Semi Permanent Make-up Artist

"Changing your views about make-up permanently!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it last?

There is no way to determine before hand exactly how long your colour will remain visible. It depends on your individual skin type, lifestyle, colour choice, medication levels and general health as well as sunbathing and skin routine. The majority of people find that the treatment lasts from 1 to 3 years.

Previous make-up techniques have lasted up to 5 years, but the results were heavily applied make-up. We now find clients want a more natural result and this shortens the life expectancy of the colour. For the best results to keep your make-up looking amazing we recommend a yearly touch-up/colour boost is advised.

What to expect from your visit

From the moment you walk through the door you will be in Tarryn's expert care. Your treatment will begin with a thorough consultation during which your needs will be assessed. Following this, realistic expectations from the treatment will be explained.

Your skin tone will be analysed and a colour will be agreed upon for your treatment. Facial symmetry will then be addressed and a shape will be designed to enhance and compliment your features. Once both parties are happy with the choice of colour and shape, the treatment will commence.

A patch test is recommended 12 to 24 hrs before your treatment.

Is there any discomfort during the treatment?

A topical anaesthetic is applied before and during the treatment to minimise sensation.

How much will it cost?

Prices are dependant on the complexity of the work involved and your desired result. After your individual needs have been assessed, a price will be quoted prior to treatment.