Tarryn Vice - Semi Permanent Make-up Artist

"Changing your views about make-up permanently!"

Cosmetic Tattooing

Treatments Available

Alluring Lash Line

Make your lashes look thicker and darker with a subtle enhancement in between your lash roots.

Enviable Almond Eyes

Define and line your eyes with a sculpted eyeliner. This begins with a fine crisp line at the inner corner of the eye and widens gradually toward the outer corner.

Extreme Liner

Let your eyeliner make a statement with a high definition dramatic line of maximum thickness. Please note, thicker eyeliner will require additional treatments.

Hair Stroke Brows

Liberate yourself from your brow pencil! Create more volume and shape in your brow with the addition of a few expertly placed natural looking hair strokes. This technique is excellent for balancing asymmetrical brows and filling in gaps leaving you with beautiful naturally shaped and full brows.

Powdered/Blended Brows

Redefine, lift and emphasise your brow with a combination of soft shading and expertly placed hair strokes.

With this method, brows can be realistically re-created where they have been over-plucked or lost due to Alopecia.

Lustrous Lips

Renew and redefine your lip contour with a lip liner treatment. A subtle blush of colour can be added to soften and blend the lip liner into the lip creating a softer looking pout.

Give your lips maximum definition and lustre with a full lip colour treatment. Fantastic if you no longer want to use lipstick, or if you want to get back your youthful rosy glow.

A full lip colour is a must if you have irregularly shaped, poorly defined or pale lips.

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