Tarryne Vice - PMS - Lip Liner

"Changing your views about make-up permanently!"


"Having my eyebrows tattooed has been a bit of a transformation. I went from having pretty shapeless, indefined eyebrows that never looked good, even pencilled in, to having the most lovely glamorous 'brows every day. No more wiping them off in hot weather, no more looking so blank when I went swimming! I love waking up looking a little more made up, a little less nude! My friends all thought I'd done my hair differently, I felt like I'd had a facelift! Since telling my friends they all want it done. I wish I'd had it done years ago and if I'd known it was going to be so painless I certainly wouldn't have hesitated, it was only after meeting Tarryn that I felt confidence in her to make such a permanent change to my face though... thank you! It takes me a lot less time to get ready now!"

Rebecca Butterfly

"I was fortunate to meet Tarryn whilst visiting South Africa. I was so impressed with the quality of her work that I commissioned Tarryn to work with many of my clients.

Her amazing skills have literally been etched on my client's faces, as well as my own.

I run a successful company guiding clients to the best surgeons and practitioners around the world, and whilst in South Africa it was important to offer the group of surgery patients complementary treatments that would make them feel good, and enhance their feeling of wellbeing.

The ladies would be recovering from facial rejuvenations, typically Face Lifts, and after the initial healing, and them feeling better day by day they were booked into semi permanent make-up treatments with Tarryn Vice..

When Tarryn bought her practice to the UK she was our first choice and continues to provide an excellent service to our clients.

I have referred many people to her, and we work regularly together ensuring that my clients get the after care and enhancement of their facial features following their surgery.

Her amazing technique in reducing scaring is especially important for my clients. I recommend her to all my clients nationwide"

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Jenny Fowler

"I would like to thank Tarryn for the wonderful work she did with my eyeliner. Her thorough consultation meant I was able to make an informed decision, as well as ensuring Tarryn understood my requirements. Tarryn's professionalism and accuracy in her work has more than exceeded my expectations. I will definitely refer anyone I know to Tarryn for permanent make-up."

Tanya - Hastings